We are presenters with years of experience teaching new strategies and changing perceptions.

Some areas of training:

  • Adoption Practices and Realities
  • Human Rights and Equality: There is No Compromise
  • Getting a Job by Understanding Your Target Industry

Job seekers – Understand the Job Posting

We’re all about the job posting.

The key to preparing a great resume is your understanding of the Canadian job posting and the ability to transfer and demonstrate your knowledge and experience in Canadian context. We show you how to do this and build your confidence when applying for jobs in Canada.

Your Canadian industry knowledge is the most important part of your Canadian job search, whether you’re a newcomer to Canada or waiting for your papers to immigrate.

We assist you with your job postings and resumes by showing you how to understand the content of a Canadian job posting. We then assist with transferring this new knowledge to your resume. FOCUSINDUSTRY has manuals for every area of job search and will customize our manuals for your target industry in Canada.

You not only want to get a phone call for a job interview, you also want to outshine your competition for the same position!

Examples of Canadian industry knowledge:

Are you a Civil engineer?

Civil engineering industry practices: codes, standards, regulations, suppliers, trades and unions, design software, Canadian contacts, government tenders and bids, Request for Proposals. These are just some areas where a newcomer to Canada will not be familiar with or have local experience. This is where FOCUSINDUSTRY’s manuals and training prepare you for job search.

Are you a Social Media Marketer?

What do know already about marketing businesses and products in Canada?

Do you work in finance or banking?

What is your understanding of working in finance in Canada?

Canadian Job Search and Career-focused Manuals
Our manuals will guide you through the job search process, both easily and logically.

The Resume Manuals offer:
-Templates for resumes (industry-specific)
-Analyzing and researching information in a job posting
-Canadian job search: resumes, cover letters, job postings and job interviews
-Font size for each section of the resume
-Font styles (only one style for the entire resume!)
-What to bold and what not to bold
-Where to put dates of employment (chronological resume format)
-Time gaps – how to explain years of not working
-Creating HIGHLIGHTS (your top six matching skills and accomplishments matching the job posting).
-Formatting the resume (where all the information is situated)
-What to write and what not to write in a cover letter to an employer