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FOCUSINDUSTRY will prepare you with our job search and Canadian workforce preparation manuals for pre-employment, before you arrive in Canada. Become an expert in understanding Canadian job postings, networking and writing customized resumes and cover letters. Know your Canadian industry and meet Canadian employers. Learn how to apply your skills and experience to any Canadian industry to obtain a great job in your chosen industry.

 Coaching & Training with Manuals
FOCUSINDUSTRY will provide coaching and training to assist with your job search manual. We have professionals from every Canadian industry to guide you through the process of finding employment in Canada and matching your skills and experience to your target Canadian industry and companies. Our trainers understand the transition to a new city and workforce and will work with you to make this transition simple and meaningful.

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Manual for pre-newcomers to Canada and newcomers: Understanding Canadian Job Postings


In this industry manual you will earn about civil (construction) engineering differences & similarities (your country vs. Canada): Ontario Building Codes (OBC), safety standard, unions, companies, researching projects and connecting with Canadian professionals in your field. 

(1) Understand why it’s important for a pre-newcomer to have a good understanding of a new industry.
(2) Learn how to research industry information and identify industry differences and similarities.
(3) Increase your chances for a job offer through Express Entry or other immigration programs
(4) Provide you with job postings-rich with Canadian industry information.
(5) Show you how to find Canadian contacts in your industry through LinkedIn and other resources.
(6) How to inquire and obtain contract work from Canadian employers.
(7) Show you how to write introduction letters to Canadian employers and build relationships.


In this industry manual you will learn about mechanical engineering differences & similarities (your country vs. Canada): HVAC design/installation, codes, standards, software, companies plus industry projects and practices. 

(1) A new understanding of your professional industry in Canada.
(2) How to research Canadian industry norms, practices, jobs, companies, projects, regulations and licencing in your target province/city in Canada.
(3) How to relate and match your experience in your country to Canadian experience.
(4) How to network and connect with Canadian employers in your profession.
(5) How to have conversation about industry differences and similarities.
(6) How to present yourself to Canadian employers.
(7) How to analyze and understand Canadian job postings.
(8) How to market yourself for a position in your target-field.