Pre-newcomers immigrating to Canada

Are you in the planning stages of immigrating to Canada?
If yes, then we are ready to welcome you!

It can be difficult planning a new life in a new country when living in another country. Understanding your target country or city can be confusing. FOCUSINDUSTRY has been working with newcomers and pre-newcomers for 15 years.

We understand industry knowledge and experience differences. This is where you, the pre-newcomer can prepare for your target job. When marketing yourself for employment in the Canadian workforce, employers appreciate it when applicants have a good understanding of their target industry and company.  This is why we want to prepare you before you arrive!

Pre-newcomers immigrating to Canada
FocusIndustry provides:
If you are enrolled in the Canadian Government’s Express Entry or any other immigration program.

All-inclusive packages for pre-newcomers who are experienced or graduates in every profession, such as: Engineering, IT, Health Care, NGO, Teaching, Journalists, Environmental professionals, Management, Project Management, Human Resources. (All professions are covered under coaching.)